CAOS is an Artists' Society. It is created to approach the pure artistic creativity to comunication design and architecture.

Art is indeed the forerunner of any other way to expression. Art is the godmother of what, during the industrial era, has become design, public relations, marketing, advertising, graphic, product development. Each of these disciplines is based on the study of emotional behavior. Art is an empirical way to investigate emotions and it was used since the most distant human origins.

The artistic creativity has no limits, everything can be realized and it is never as it was presumed.

The artistic creativity and imagination are the one and only real not encoded science to which must bend all other humanistic disciplines; because without it, without art, those may have never had continued and they have never been encoded.

If you desire something precious, if you are looking something unfindable, exclusive and really unique, we can made and it is never has you could have supposed.

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