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Artistic works to raise the quality of life.

CAOS Associated Artists can provide artistic embellishments for interior decorations, it works on commission. It likes to collaborate with professionals: architects, engineers, designers, interior decorators; but also with customers: private collectors, hotel keepers, shipowners.

We listen to your ideas and needs; we realize your tastes, then we provide a philological study to pursue the best formal and content consistency. The study serves to integrate the work in the contest where it will be installed.

There are no limits to the technical possibilities, to materials. Works can be of great or little dimensions, on site and/or on removable panels or structures. Subjects can be figurative or abstract.

Art for interior design can be integrated in traditional as in contemporary or futuristic structures.
Subjects here presented are only examples. Works can be made in different materials. Techniques are different: bas-reliefs and high-reliefs, for indoors and outdoors; paintings and frescos; bronze sculptures, wood sculptures, precious metal sculptures; mosaics. We use also marble, granite, precious and semi-precious stones. There are different possibilities thanks to the high skills of the creators. Every work is originally signed.

Every example here shown can be a good starting point to work unanimously for new original and exclusive ideas.

wall paintings on wall or on prefabricated panels or on wood panels. Gold or silver plates can be used. Themes can be agree according with your needs and tastes.

Bronze Statues
we made on commission bronze statues of any dimension. Works are made with the cire perdue technique and are all single pieces. The theme is aggreed with you.

wide or little dimensions sculptures made indoor or outdoor. They are original, rich and made with great plastic processing. It is a marriage between classic taste, renaissance and contemporary art. Theme are agreed with you.

they can be made with "opus incertum" or "opus sectile" technique. Themes can be figurative or abstract, they are agreed with you.

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