general photogallery

The artist Mario Eremita made this collection of more than fifty india ink drawings during two years of work.

They are the façades of the architectonic works that appear on the Venice's Grand Canal. The drawings reproduce these real monuments with the unmistakable stroke of the artist. Every one monument has his history and his mysteries.

The Grand Canal and his architecture surely are among the most important riches of the italian culture and civilization.

Eremita has graphically rebuilt all that artworks that, a long time ago, were the references for very important families of merchants and venetian nobles. He did it with the spirit of the Renaissance artists who were all charmed by architecture. Those artworks also were the symbol of the militar power and the christian faithfulness for the Venice's inhabitants.

While they are similar, every church and palace reveals, thanks to the artist's stroke, his particular and unique energy that comes out from the skills of ancient architects, masters of marble cutters and carpenters who built, making the beauty of this immortal town.

Each of these original works can be reproduced to print, on paper, canvas, or other materials.