general photogallery

The fiftyfour Rummy's Playing Cards, india ink and crayons drawings on paper made on 2015, work by the artist Mario Eremita.

Here you can appreciate the delicacy of the graphic and color. The drawings softly portray the Playing Cards made by the texan Rummy, now spread all around the world and made famous by Casinò and by the 007 James Bond's films.

Eremita portrayed the fiftyfour Rummy's Playing Cards using some bucolic and figurative subjects, to tribute the italian tradition of the grapes and wine. The wine represents one of the most important italian excellences, wine is associated with a playful and positive activity who needs the best qualities of strategy and memory.

It is a celebration of the happy life, of the night spent together with friends playing with cleverness and drinking quality wines.

Each of these original works can be reproduced to print, on paper, canvas, or other materials.